Finally, an alcohol education speaker who “gets it.”

No one wants a speaker who tells your students what to do, uses scare tactics or leaves stage without a real call to action.


Jake White shows your audience how to have fun in college without binge drinking or using drugs, and actually gives them the tools to take action right away.  So you’ll see a positive impact in

  • Retention
  • Involvement
  • and Underage Drinking


Top choice speaker for Greek Life, Freshman Orientation and Welcome Week.

98% of our audience said Jake helped them realize their happiness and goals are more important than what others think about them. He was also rated the most valuable part of our conference by the students. Thank you Jake!
—Michele Losey (United Way Youth Director)

Engage & Educate

Jake’s presentation is not abstinence-based and he doesn’t preach about sobriety. Whether a student chooses to drink or not, they are inspired by Jake’s courage to be open about his differences and start a college movement that’s spreading across the nation. Your audience will be inspired to

  • Take advantage of college experiences without alcohol or drugs
  • Be responsible, safe, and a good friend if they choose to drink
  • Make decisions for themselves, and not the approval of others
  • Throw massive sober parties for their campus
  • Create a one-of-a-kind story during their college career


Jake started Party.0 by throwing house parties at his college, but without any drugs or alcohol. His signature “sober parties” have attracted thousands of students, media coverage from national outlets and sponsorships from brands like Red Bull & Papa Johns.

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