Jake White shows college students how to have fun, make friends and fit in, without drugs and alcohol.

College students are faced with an immense pressure to drink – and many actually believe their social life depends on it!


Jake’s story of throwing sober house parties in college and partying sober with thousands of students across the country gives him the unique ability to show your students that they CAN have fun, fit in and make friends without drinking or using drugs in college. He even trains university clubs and departments how to boost their current programs using the methods of his company, Party.0!


His speeches can be tailored to Orientation, Greek Life, Residence Life, Campus Activities, Collegiate Recovery and Athletics.

98% of our audience said Jake helped them realize their happiness and goals are more important than what others think about them. He was also rated the most valuable part of our conference by the students. Thank you Jake!
—Michele Losey (United Way Youth Director)

Engage & Educate

Students are inspired by Jake’s courage to be open about his decision not to drink and turning that positive choice into a movement that helps college students around the nation.

His interactive, funny and captivating stories will teach your audience:

  • Ways to say no to drinking without sacrificing their social life
  • How to have an amazing college experience without drinking or using drugs
  • How to be responsible, safe, and a good friend if they choose to drink
  • To make decisions for themselves, and not the approval of others
  • How to throw a massive sober party & start a movement!


Jake started Party.0 by throwing house parties at his college, but without any drugs or alcohol. His signature “sober parties” have attracted thousands of students, media coverage from national outlets and sponsorships from brands like Red Bull & Papa Johns.

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